Crap, I don’t know whether this is sad or funny but it is probably true

Well, it’s my third post on this blog and I’m already beginning to clap on about TeH Crusades. I’ve avoided talking about the Iraq war of late but I guess following the US primaries has got me in the mood.

This cracker of a comment by Nabs over at LP succinctly points out that Saddam could probably have been bought off for a fraction of the cost of the Iraq war:

Give me just 10% of the close to one trillion bucks blown on Iraq so far and I could calmly, reasonably peacefully and most entertainingly subvert and collapse any regime on the planet. Soviet Russia imploded for less.

Shit, the going rate for a Western MP, Congressman or Senator is still under six figures. Of course you’d hafta purchase more than one – and for a maximum leader like Saddam or any current or future POTUS, you’re getting into billions. But still, in terms of blood and treasure and civic health, just buying the pricks off and/or buying their countries out from under them will still cost far less than fucked up, open-ended expeditionary escapades like the Boer Wars, Vietnam or Iraq.

As shrewd leaders like Palmerston, Clive of India, Jefferson and Jack Welch realised, it’s cheaper in the long run to just buy your bloody empires. You just stage a few small battles as window-dressing to let the stakeholders feel some glorious blood was spilt.

Sadly I think Nabs is probably right.


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