*sniff* that’s my brother the Congressman is talking about

For all the political geekdom that I engage in, it’s nothing compared to what my brother does:

[Congressional Record: February 7, 2008 (Extensions)]
[Page E145]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov]



HON. JOE COURTNEY of Connecticut

in the house of representatives

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mr. COURTNEY. Madam Speaker, for decades the United States has looked towards Australia as one of our closest of cultural, economic and security partners. This is true not just between the two governments but among Americans and Australians who have crossed the Pacific to visit with or work with each other. I am pleased to rise today to  recognize the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program, which annually delivers some of Australia’s best and brightest university students to a bipartisan and bicameral array of congressional offices for two-month internships.

This is the first year that I have been privileged to participate in the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program. A student emissary to my office, Anthony Bremner [my emphasis – mick], has added first-hand value to our understanding of global issues and perspectives as seen from Australia. Anthony, who visits us from the University of Queensland, is a text-book example of the high caliber of this program. Over the past two months, he has applied his volunteer experiences from the constituency office of Australia’s newly elected Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to my office. During this time, Anthony has attended committee briefings, drafted constituent correspondence, and assisted my staff with research. His Australian accent frequently sparked conversations with my constituents interested to learn where he was from and to share their international experiences with him. This international exchange has demonstrated that through sharing our American and eastern Connecticut values and experiences we foster greater understanding and appreciation of the United States.

Anthony is not alone in this effort. This year, a record 13 students from all across Australia were matched with as many congressional offices. They were drawn from seven Australian universities in four different states and the Australian Capital Territory. Far from a solely academic exercise, the Uni-Capitol program is a practical investment in our global community, given the diverse array of congressional participants and an equally diverse array of student interests ranging from law to commerce, from the environment to communications, from international affairs to American studies.

Including this current group, 81 Australian students will have interned in Washington since the program’s inception nine years ago. For launching and directing this effort here in Washington, much credit is due to its founder Eric Federing. Eric is a former senior House and Senate Congressional staffer who has worked to bridge the wide geographic distance between the U.S. and Australia through his efforts at the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Program.

Madam Speaker, I would encourage all of my colleagues to seek connections with members of our global community. Similarly, I would encourage American university students to seek established and creative ways to connect with their counterparts around the globe. On this note, I ask my colleagues to join with me in recognizing the contributions of the Uni-Capitol Internship Program and, again, thank Anthony Bremner for his participation and hard work.

Congratulations little bro, as always I’m proud of you.

Thanks to Congressman Courtney for the kind words about AJ.


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  1. Mick,

    Thanks very much dude. Rep Joe Courtney is a generous, excellent man and it’s been a pleasure to work for the Connecticut 2nd!

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