Weakly Abstract: March 10 – March 14

Sorry everyone, I dropped the ball and didn’t manage to get out the Weakly Abstract on time this week. My excuse is kinda lame, yesterday I was giving a talk at the Quantum Information Processing Spring School and with one thing and another I didn’t get time to crank out a blog post. What’s doubly lame is that I’m still at the Spring School so this post is gonna be a quick-un.

There’s a whole host of papers that caught my eye in the last week and unfortunately they can’t all be the Weakly Abstract. So, in the finest tradition of the interwebs I’m gonna simply choose a paper by a friend of mine in order to give it a plug. Well, that and this paper fits into the whole Spring Schoolish vibe that I’ve got going on. This week’s Weakly Abstract is Optical Quantum Computing by Jeremy O’Brien:

Optical Quantum Computing
Jeremy L. O’Brien

In 2001 all-optical quantum computing became feasible with the discovery that scalable quantum computing is possible using only single photon sources, linear optical elements, and single photon detectors. Although it was in principle scalable, the massive resource overhead made the scheme practically daunting. However, several simplifications were followed by proof-of-principle demonstrations, and recent approaches based on cluster states or error encoding have dramatically reduced this worrying resource overhead, making an all-optical architecture a serious contender for the ultimate goal of a large-scale quantum computer. Key challenges will be the realization of high-efficiency sources of indistinguishable single photons, low-loss, scalable optical circuits, high efficiency single photon detectors, and low-loss interfacing of these components.

I gather that this is the arXivish version of a review paper that Jeremy published in Science late last year. I don’t have time to get into the details of the paper, but basically it’s a bit of a snapshot of where the field of optics based quantum computation is at right now. It’s easy to read so, um, get to it I guess.

I’d just like to go on the record and say that I’m very pro this whole quick review paper thing and I wish that people would do it more. So, people, get out there and start summarizing stuff!!


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