Escaping the cold

Geez, sorry everyone I really dropped the ball on the Weakly Abstract this week. Frankly with Easter and everything I just didn’t get the time to crank out a post.

I should mention that there probably won’t be a Weakly Abstract next Monday either as I’ll be on the road. Hopefully I’ll manage to squeeze in a post later in the week as there have been some very good papers in the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, from today onwards I’ll be on the road for about the next 6 weeks!

From Monday next week I’ll be visiting the Quantum Information and Technology group at the National University of Singapore for a couple of weeks. After that I’m going back home to Brisbane for a week, then I’ll be in Sydney for a couple of weeks visting the Quantum Information Science and Security group at Macquarie Uni. Finally I’ll be heading to Brissie for another week before my journey back to Brizzle.

Now, back to getting my packing finished…


3 thoughts on “Escaping the cold

  1. We seem to be a few weeks out of phase. I was in NUS Last month, and met up with Jason Twamley (and Gavin via skype) last week. You haven’t any plans to visit Edinburgh or Waterloo do you?

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