I condemn Larvatus Prodeo and their so called “influence”

I just thought I’d try to get in there to be the first to denounce LP for being an influential blog.

Damn you LP, you tall poppy you!

/sarcasm off


4 thoughts on “I condemn Larvatus Prodeo and their so called “influence”

  1. Don’t give a rat’s whatsit if Larvatus Prodeo is politically influential or not …. show me another Aussie blog that can jump from Papal Shoes to Silesian History to Nightclubbing Amputees to ‘Seventies Musicians to the Democratic Primaries to Recipies to Ringing The Rapture Bell to whatever without getting giddy.

    Like the photo. That’s the first time I have ever seen a long shot of that bridge. Wow!! Now that is engineering!!

  2. Graham – it doesn’t make you giddy? To me a day of blogging at LP is like 10 days blogging in normal bloggy days!

    Thanks for the compliment RE the bridge pic! It really is an amazing bridge and an excellent testament to Brunel!

  3. I certainly get giddy at times at LP, but the variety of topics is definitely a large part of its attraction!

    Graham’s right, that is an excellent bridge pic. Well done, Isombard.

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