Weakly Abstract: A tale of ambition and tragedy

Once upon a time there was a weekly blog series here at Brissie to Brizzle entitled “Weakly Abstract“. In this series I ranted about whatever paper on the arXiv caught my attention in a given week. Unfortunately, it died.

(Who would have thought that keeping a regular schedule while jetting around the world would be hard?)

Well, I want to know if people would like me to revise this series? I’m the first to acknowledge that the Weakly Abstract had problems. I mean to begin with who wants to hear my mostly ill-informed rants? What’s more, coming up with those rants was quite an effort.

So, why bother? Well, a few folk around the place have said that they appreciated the rants. Also, in the last few weeks the arXiv has been particularly HOT!

Incidently, and I’m fairly certain that these are unrelated events (ha!), but the QIP submission date is only a couple of weeks away now…

So people, should the Weakly Abstract make a comeback or should it be relegated to the great Google cache in the sky?


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