Will Hopey be preznit elect tomorrow?

Anyone that has been following the math reckon that Obama has this one in the bag. I sincerely hope so but for some odd reason I can’t admit to myself that it is going to go down that way.

This campaign has been on the go pretty much since the ’06 midterms and finally it has come to an end. Geez, I’m saying “finally” and I’ve done nothing on this campaign except to watch from afar. Since the (still for me) incomprehensible re-election of Bush in ’04 so many have been longing for the day when America finally throws the Republican Party out of the White House.

A lot of questions are on my mind today. What is going to happen to the nets when we don’t have the Republicans to kick around anymore? Will we actually start to debate crazy stuff like policy? If Obama wins how long will he be able to hold his coalition of supporters together?

The political landscape has changed massively in the last few years. We’ve had the emergence of the nets, we’ve had the wars, and we’ve had the crazy-assed financial crisis. It’s clear that the rules of the game for the next President are going to be significantly different from the rules of the last 20 or 30 years.

McCain’s wisdom is grounded in the experience of an era which has come to an end. I think that the right leader for these times is one that has shown that they can adapt to overcome. Barrack Obama and his staff have run a campaign that has not only transformed his party, it has altered the way that many in the world view politics. His campaign has thrived in the current political climate which suggests that they are equipped to deal with the challenges ahead. This reason alone, to me, is the best reason for voting for Obama.

Well, that and I actually agree with a lot of his policies…

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