Faermannsfest 2010

It’s fair to say that my weekend has been dominated by Faermannsfest 2010. This is the first festival I’ve been to where I literally had to walk less than 20m from my front door to the grounds. I’m actually sitting at my kitchen table right now looking at the festival grounds!

For those of you that don’t speak German, a “faermann” is a ferry-man. You know, the guy who pilots a ferry across a river. The Faermannsfest is an annual festival held here in Linden (clearly the funkiest of Hannover suburbs :-)). The location is on two sides of a creek, with a bridge joining up the two sites – hence the association with ferries. Oh, look, the festival promoter was good enough to add a link to google maps.

As ever, the Lindenish crowd was mellow and varied. Lots of hipsters, families, punks and intermingled with the normal folk. For the Brisbane folk – imagine it is something like the old 4ZZZ Market Day, or maybe a small version of the Valley Fiesta.

The best band that I saw was probably Karamelo Santo, they were a ska outfit coming from South America. They really managed to get the crowd moving with a very chilled out vibe.

In between having a bit of a dance and drinking beer, I managed to take quite a few photos. If you’d like to check them out, I’ve put some of them up Facebook (for those of you that are my friends) and on Picasa.