Off to Brussels – can anyone recommend any good cafes or pubs?

This evening I’m taking the train to Brussels for a day of meetings on Tomorrow. I don’t suppose that anyone can recommend any good cafes, pubs or restaurants? I’m going to be staying in a hotel near the museum of natural sciences. Unfortunately I’ll be in town for less than 24 hours so there isn’t a lot of time to explore…

I’m really hoping that while I’m there I manage to get to the Australian embassy to vote, and that I also manage to down a Chimay!


2 thoughts on “Off to Brussels – can anyone recommend any good cafes or pubs?

  1. Well, at least I suppose you can insist on taking a couple of hours out of the meeting to fulfil your civic duty… anyway, I recommend a nice geuze beer or two.

  2. Hmm… civic duty never tasted so good.

    Actually, after now having a closer look at the map of Brussels I think I probably will be able to vote! My hotel is pretty close to the Australian embassy, which is right next to the metro line that I need to take to get to my meeting.

    Love it when a plan comes together 🙂

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