AQIS’10: Day 1 liveish blogging

Well, I’m looking at everything through bleary eyes this morning after yesterday lasted for about 36 hours, but I’m pretty sure I’m in Tokyo and today is the first day of AQIS’10.

Today’s agenda is a series of Tutorials being given by some of the fancier names in this Quantum Information/Computation business. I’m a big fan of this trend of having a warm-up/tutorial day at the beginning of a workshop where a lot of technical ground will be covered. Good for the newbies and good for us older folk who need an extra day or so to rebound from the jet-lag!

Hopefully I’ll be able to liveblog a bit today, not sure how much wifi we’ll have…

Update: Well, it seems that we do have wifi here!

Intro talk: Charlie Bennett

Charlie is giving a nice talk giving the motivation for considering information quantumly.

Quantum nonlocality tutorial: Harry Buhrman