Welcome to Brissie to Brizzle. I’ve been in this blogging game now since 2004 when I followed the lead of some of my friends and started the blog Quantumbiodiscs. In those days I was a PhD student living in Brisbane who was looking for a means of web-based procrastination. Eventually I overcame the distracting powers of TeH intertubes and finished my PhD in 2005, packed my bags and got a real job in Innsbruck, Austria.

Last year A few years ago I switched jobs and countries and found myself happily inhabiting one of the more drizzly English cities, Bristol. And now I’ve finally given enough background for the title of this blog to start making some sense; Brissie being one of the many nicknames of Brisbane, the town where I grew up; and Brizzle being one of the more common monikers of my current old home.

Nowadays I’m living in Hannover (Germany), in the pleasant multicultural, student infested neighbourhood of Linden. If I’m in Hannover I can probably be found in one of the many cafes or trying to hunt down some live music somewhere in the area. It’s an even money bet however that I’m not in Hannover and am on the road somewhere else…

With luck I’ll regularly occasionally update this blog with whatever is floating around my head in any given day. For those of you who are familiar with my blogging background you should probably expect this blog to be more Quantumbiodiscsish than LPish, though it’ll probably turn out to be like neither of those blogs.