Where can I watch the election count bleg

Help! Are there any pubs in Bristol following the US election count tomorrow night?

Alternatively is anyone having a party that will have wifi and cable news?


About the header photo

The image in the header at the moment is a photo of the Clifton Suspension Bridge which I took last Autumn. Bristol was a pretty fabulous place during Autumn. Lots of clear days and colour in the trees.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge straddles Avon Gorge which is adjacent to the suburb of Clifton. Apparently the bridge was built partially as a monument to the famous Bristol-based engineer Brunel, who among other things designed the first steam ship with an all metal hull. It is a pretty impressive monument for an engineer.

Chances are if you someone who is visiting me in Bristol the Bridge is one of the first things I’ll show you. Quite possibly after a coffee and a fry-up at the nearby Primrose Cafe or shortly before an ale or two at The Clifton…