So long and thanks for all the chips!

It’s been a really long time since I last posted here. Mostly, that’s because in the last few months I’ve been leading a rather nutzoid existence.

Some time back I posted that my contract in Bristol was ending and I was looking for work. Well, I went grant and postdoc hunting and eventually I decided to take an offer of a postdoc in Hannover in Reinhard Werner’s group.

Even since I made that decision I’ve been applying for visas, packing, throwing away loads of stuff, re-packing, throwing away more stuff, finding homes for various pieces of furniture and sending big boxes of stuff to various places. Oh, and there’s been leaving drinks like 15 billion times (or at least it feels like it).

Now I’m on my way to Germany (I’m actually writing this on the plane, I guess I’ll post it later) and it’s all suddenly much less about organizing and much more about doing. Doing is always a lot more exciting.

Somewhat weirdly the Lufthansa in-flight magazine has a feature on Bristol in it! They describe it as a "crazy, laid back" city. I think that somewhat paradoxical description fits pretty well. I doubt this needs to be said, most people that know me know that I’m going to really miss Bristol. I’ve made loads of really great friends and done so many wonderful things. I’ve been trying to think what I’ll miss most: Maybe bugging the guys in the office all the time with my incessant prattling? Having drinks with friends in ultra-hip or ultra-un-hip surrounds? The music and art? Good pie (and ale)?

Now, away from the reflective and back to the exciting. I’m (hopefully if the paperwork is sorted) starting my new job next week! It’s going to be interesting to adjust to another group’s style of working, hopefully I manage to do it quickly! I’m a little concerned that my skill set is very different to that of a lot of the people in the group, but I guess that just means that I’m gonna have to learn more (and hopefully I can teach the others some new tricks as well). Oh, and I’m gonna have to get a lot better at German!

In any case, the next few months are going to be very interesting. There’s going to be loads of challenges but there are also going to be heaps of opportunity to experience new things.

Oh, and at some point I might have to change the name of this blog. I need to think more about that.


Where can I watch the election count bleg

Help! Are there any pubs in Bristol following the US election count tomorrow night?

Alternatively is anyone having a party that will have wifi and cable news?

Final day of the Spring School and Spring has sprung

As I mentioned in the Weakly Abstract post yesterday I’m currently attending the Quantum Information Processing Spring School here in Bristol.

One of the cool things about this meeting has been the venue. See that photo in the header of my blog? Well, the school is being hosted at the Burwall’s Centre for Continuing Education which is on the left hand side of the suspension bridge in the photo. The Burwall’s Centre is basically an old mansion overlooking the Avon Gorge which Bristol University has converted into a conference centre.

The view from up here is pretty spectacular especially today as Spring has finally decided to happen. Unfortunately I’ve left my camera at home but hopefully I can harass one of the students here to take a photo today so I can post it later…