Been a crazy few months

Since I last posted in August there’s been weddings, funerals, multiple countries, a workshop I organized, a conference where I spoke, not to mention all the usual craziness. I can’t even begin to summarize everything, so let’s just skip most of that and focus on recent events.

For most of January I was on the road, I only spent 3 days in Hannover. I was lucky enough to attend QIP in Singapore and then the fantastic Sydney Quantum Information Theory Workshop. Both conferences were pretty amazing in their own ways.

QIP, as ever, was loaded with tons of the best and brightest in quantum information theory. I was really lucky to be given the opportunity to talk. I find talking at big conferences like QIP a pretty humbling experience. There are so many brilliant old heads and bright PhD students that while speaking I find it hard to not feel like the dumbest person in the room. Still, I didn’t actually pass out on stage so that is a big plus. All the talks were taped and can be watched at the conference website, which I think is pretty awesome as I’ve been able to re-watch some of the good ones. Unfortunately, it means that I’ll be haunted by my own talk…

The Sydney workshop was one of the best I’ve been to for ages. The organizers planned a great schedule with a really nice bunch of speakers. There was a lot of interesting math and physics going down in a really friendly atmosphere. It’s been years since I hung out with the Sydney quantum information theory types, so I guess I missed how much that community has developed. It was really great to see how vibrant and active those groups are.

After a hectic couple of weeks conferencing I had a little holiday in Brisbane. That was definitely one of my weirder visits home. Brisbane was pretty smashed in January floods, it was terrible watching it happen from afar. Arriving there a few weeks later I was amazed how much work people had done to clean up the city. You could sense the determination to rebuild and the community spirit absolutely everywhere. Catching up with old friends and family I heard so many stories about the trials they endured and the efforts of the clean up. It’s nice to see that for such a big city Brisbane still is as friendly as a county town.

Well, now I’m back in Hannover writing papers and prepping for teaching in the next semester and hoping that Winter will end soon…

Below are some photos from my travels in the last few months:


QIP 2011

The organizers of QIP 2011 have just sent me the following:

QIP 2011
Call for submissions

14th workshop on Quantum Information Processing
Tutorials January 8-9, NUS, Singapore
Workshop January 10-14, The Capella, Sentosa Singapore

Conference Website:
Paper Submission:

Quantum Information Processing (QIP) is a rapidly developing field of
research spanning both physics and computer science. As the name
implies, the field extends information processing (including computing
and cryptography) to physical regimes where quantum effects become

QIP 2011 is the fourteenth workshop on theoretical aspects of quantum
computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum information theory in a
series that started in Aarhus in 1998 and was held last year in
Zurich. QIP 2011 will feature plenary talks (called invited talks at
previous QIP workshops), featured papers (previously called long
contributed talks), contributed papers, and a poster session.

Submissions of abstracts for contributed papers are sought in research
areas related to quantum information science and quantum information
processing. A small number of contributed paper submissions will be
selected as featured papers. The submission to QIP should consist of
2-3 pages, containing a non-technical, clear and insightful
description of the results and main ideas, their impact, and their
importance to quantum information and computation.  In addition, the
submission should direct the reader to a technical version of the work
(this should preferably be online but otherwise can be provided as an
attachment). The submission should not consist of a compressed version
of the technical exposition of the paper, but instead should
facilitate the reading of the technical version and help the program
committee assess its importance. In exceptional cases, submissions
without technical versions may be accepted.

The 2-3 page abstracts of the accepted contributed papers and featured
papers will be posted on the QIP 2011 website.  More details will be
provided in the acceptance notices.

Submission deadlines

Contributed papers: October 14
Posters: December 1

Notifications of acceptance

Contributed talks: November 17
Posters submitted by November 10: November 17
Posters submitted after November 10: December 8

Programme Committee:

Andris AMBAINIS (University of Latvia)
Steve BARTLETT (University of Sydney)
Wim van DAM (UC Santa Barbara)
Daniel GOTTESMAN (Perimeter Institute) (chair)
Pawel HORODECKI (Gdansk University of Technology)
Iordanis KERENIDIS (Universite Paris-Sud)
Hirotada KOBAYASHI (National Institute of Informatics)
Robert KOENIG (Caltech)
Barbara KRAUS (University of Innsbruck)
Mio MURAO (University of Tokyo)
Peter SHOR (MIT)
Graeme SMITH (IBM)
Frank VERSTRAETE (University of Vienna)
Michael WOLF (Niels Bohr Institute)

Steering Committee:

Dorit AHARONOV (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Ignacio CIRAC (MPQ, Garching)
Renato RENNER (ETH Zurich)
Louis SALVAIL (Universite de Montreal)
Barbara M. TERHAL (IBM T J Watson)
John WATROUS (University of Waterloo)
Andreas WINTER (University of Bristol / CQT, NUS) (chair)
Andrew Chi-Chih YAO (Tsinghua University)

Local Organisers:

Cedric BENY (Poster Session)
Rahul JAIN (Local Arrangement and Social Events)
Hartmut KLAUCK (Tutorials)
KWEK Leong Chuan (Sponsorship)
Darwin GOSAL (Webmaster)
Markus GRASSL (Outreach and Publicity)
Ethan LIM (Webmaster)
Tomasz PATEREK (Rump Session)
Stephanie WEHNER
Andreas WINTER (Coordinator)
Miklos SANTHA (Advisor)

QIP is soooooo my favourite conference. So if you have good stuff and wanna show it off hurry up and submit!!!

AQIS’10: Day 1 liveish blogging

Well, I’m looking at everything through bleary eyes this morning after yesterday lasted for about 36 hours, but I’m pretty sure I’m in Tokyo and today is the first day of AQIS’10.

Today’s agenda is a series of Tutorials being given by some of the fancier names in this Quantum Information/Computation business. I’m a big fan of this trend of having a warm-up/tutorial day at the beginning of a workshop where a lot of technical ground will be covered. Good for the newbies and good for us older folk who need an extra day or so to rebound from the jet-lag!

Hopefully I’ll be able to liveblog a bit today, not sure how much wifi we’ll have…

Update: Well, it seems that we do have wifi here!

Intro talk: Charlie Bennett

Charlie is giving a nice talk giving the motivation for considering information quantumly.

Quantum nonlocality tutorial: Harry Buhrman