So ridiculously cool: the Dresden Dolls with Richard O’Brien perform “Time Warp” together

I said that I didn’t want to kick off blogging again with a rant about Elsevier (*shudder*). Here’s something that is the opposite of a rant. Yesterday in Auckland the Dresden Dolls performed “Time Warp” with the creator of the “Rocky Horror Show”, Richard O’Brien, and some magnificent person captured it on video and posted it to YouTube:


Crazy undergrad music flashback

For some reason I can’t put my finger on I thought of these two fantastic songs today…

The first is “All I need” by Air, I’m pretty sure this video clip would have to qualify as being my favourite of all time. The second is “Drinking in LA” by Bran Van 3000 – which I just generally think is an awesome song.


For all those people tallying votes today: Add it up

It hasn’t got a lot to do with politics but it’s a great song – Violent Femmes: “Add it up”

Music to listen to while writing papers – “Lights out” by Santogold

Or maybe even to dance to or something if one had the time…