Abbott’s attitudes are archaic

OK, I wasn’t going to get drawn into the Oz election campaign. Really, I wasn’t. But…

I’m fairly stunned that in the middle of an election campaign that Tony Abbott would make a cheap “no means no” quip about Julia Gillard and the debate negotiations. What kind of creep thinks that this is in any way appropriate phrasing when having a discussion about anyone?

Coincidentally, GetUp have released a new clip on YouTube highlighting some of Tony Abbott’s views:


The Tricki looks awesome

I just had a look at the Tricki that Tim Gowers has set up, it looks like it is going to be an incredibly useful resource for solving mathsish problems!

Quantum computers – for when you can’t use a $5 wrench

Sadly, this is probably why I have a job.

No more Surfdom

It seems that Tim Dunlop has pulled the plug on Road to Surfdom. One of the first and the best Australian political blogs.

For a long time Road to Surfdom was one of my favourite blogs and it played a huge role in dragging me into the Australian political blogging scene. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one that was heavily influenced by this blog.

All of those who contributed to Surfdom deserve a lot of thanks for all the hard work that they put into it. Believe it or not, running a blog and consistently coming up with high quality material is really hard work and I am ever so grateful that they made the effort.

Winning the victory

My title is a bit weird no?

The internets are abuzz with commentary on Obama’s victory and, like in everything, there is a lot of politics being played out in this commentary.

A lot of conservatives are out there trying to downplay Obama’s success. Expect to hear a lot of “it wasn’t really a whitewash” or “he only won because of the economy” or “because he is black” (I’m looking at you Janet Albrechtsen and you sure as hell are not getting a link) or any number of variations on these themes.

At first glance this is just bitterness. It isn’t. The conservative movement is trying very hard to cut down Obama’s mandate for change.

The Republicans have an obvious reason for doing this. They are wounded badly and are fighting to keep any shred of political capital that they have left. However, I’m sure that we will see the Obama victory downplayed by many around the globe as those who have benefited from the tactics and issues championed by American conservatives over the last 20 to 30 years try to halt the progressive forces that have been unleashed by the Obama campaign.

Make no mistake. Obama’s victory is a huge event. Please don’t forget this in the coming days, weeks, and months!

Obama has won by a huge margin and in the process his campaign has overturned may of the myths of modern politics. Think on this, an African American has been elected President. What’s more, he is a liberal who has had to suffer from race-baiting and red-baiting throught that campaign. He still won, and he stuck to the issues. That is huge. It is a lesson that should be learnt the world over.

The Obama campaign won partially off the back of “new media” support. Obama’s rise gained momentum from his popularity on the web. His campaign’s ability to harness new technology as a tool for getting their message out has been a major contributing factor to their success. It has helped them to respond to attacks faster, to craft the message in the MSM and also to harness support both in terms of votes and funds. This is a huge lesson that cannot be emphasized enough. They have established a new model for campaigning which many in political circles will be envious of.

I wonder how many of Europe’s leaders will head the lessons of the Obama campaign? Here in the UK politics is still driven by memes that are established in the MSM. People here still don’t seem to have realized that the Government and the MSM can be challenged, and even driven, via pressure from a solid netroots movement.

Finally, and my words really fail me here, I’m so happy that I was able to witness yesterday’s victory. It gave me so much hope that the world can actually be changed for the better and that so much of the negative politics that I have grown up to accept as “fact” is really nothing of the sort.

Here is Obama’s victory speech for those who haven’t yet heard it. It is really something special…

Congratulations America

You’ve lifted the spirits of countless people around the world.

Congratulations to all those who worked the Obama campaign and to all those people who went out there and decided to vote for change!

For all those people tallying votes today: Add it up

It hasn’t got a lot to do with politics but it’s a great song – Violent Femmes: “Add it up”