Winning the victory

My title is a bit weird no?

The internets are abuzz with commentary on Obama’s victory and, like in everything, there is a lot of politics being played out in this commentary.

A lot of conservatives are out there trying to downplay Obama’s success. Expect to hear a lot of “it wasn’t really a whitewash” or “he only won because of the economy” or “because he is black” (I’m looking at you Janet Albrechtsen and you sure as hell are not getting a link) or any number of variations on these themes.

At first glance this is just bitterness. It isn’t. The conservative movement is trying very hard to cut down Obama’s mandate for change.

The Republicans have an obvious reason for doing this. They are wounded badly and are fighting to keep any shred of political capital that they have left. However, I’m sure that we will see the Obama victory downplayed by many around the globe as those who have benefited from the tactics and issues championed by American conservatives over the last 20 to 30 years try to halt the progressive forces that have been unleashed by the Obama campaign.

Make no mistake. Obama’s victory is a huge event. Please don’t forget this in the coming days, weeks, and months!

Obama has won by a huge margin and in the process his campaign has overturned may of the myths of modern politics. Think on this, an African American has been elected President. What’s more, he is a liberal who has had to suffer from race-baiting and red-baiting throught that campaign. He still won, and he stuck to the issues. That is huge. It is a lesson that should be learnt the world over.

The Obama campaign won partially off the back of “new media” support. Obama’s rise gained momentum from his popularity on the web. His campaign’s ability to harness new technology as a tool for getting their message out has been a major contributing factor to their success. It has helped them to respond to attacks faster, to craft the message in the MSM and also to harness support both in terms of votes and funds. This is a huge lesson that cannot be emphasized enough. They have established a new model for campaigning which many in political circles will be envious of.

I wonder how many of Europe’s leaders will head the lessons of the Obama campaign? Here in the UK politics is still driven by memes that are established in the MSM. People here still don’t seem to have realized that the Government and the MSM can be challenged, and even driven, via pressure from a solid netroots movement.

Finally, and my words really fail me here, I’m so happy that I was able to witness yesterday’s victory. It gave me so much hope that the world can actually be changed for the better and that so much of the negative politics that I have grown up to accept as “fact” is really nothing of the sort.

Here is Obama’s victory speech for those who haven’t yet heard it. It is really something special…


Congratulations America

You’ve lifted the spirits of countless people around the world.

Congratulations to all those who worked the Obama campaign and to all those people who went out there and decided to vote for change!

For all those people tallying votes today: Add it up

It hasn’t got a lot to do with politics but it’s a great song – Violent Femmes: “Add it up”

Will Hopey be preznit elect tomorrow?

Anyone that has been following the math reckon that Obama has this one in the bag. I sincerely hope so but for some odd reason I can’t admit to myself that it is going to go down that way.

This campaign has been on the go pretty much since the ’06 midterms and finally it has come to an end. Geez, I’m saying “finally” and I’ve done nothing on this campaign except to watch from afar. Since the (still for me) incomprehensible re-election of Bush in ’04 so many have been longing for the day when America finally throws the Republican Party out of the White House.

A lot of questions are on my mind today. What is going to happen to the nets when we don’t have the Republicans to kick around anymore? Will we actually start to debate crazy stuff like policy? If Obama wins how long will he be able to hold his coalition of supporters together?

The political landscape has changed massively in the last few years. We’ve had the emergence of the nets, we’ve had the wars, and we’ve had the crazy-assed financial crisis. It’s clear that the rules of the game for the next President are going to be significantly different from the rules of the last 20 or 30 years.

McCain’s wisdom is grounded in the experience of an era which has come to an end. I think that the right leader for these times is one that has shown that they can adapt to overcome. Barrack Obama and his staff have run a campaign that has not only transformed his party, it has altered the way that many in the world view politics. His campaign has thrived in the current political climate which suggests that they are equipped to deal with the challenges ahead. This reason alone, to me, is the best reason for voting for Obama.

Well, that and I actually agree with a lot of his policies…

That’s enough from me,



Where can I watch the election count bleg

Help! Are there any pubs in Bristol following the US election count tomorrow night?

Alternatively is anyone having a party that will have wifi and cable news?

Colin Powell endorses Obama

This is a hell of a speech, especially in light of the fact that Powell has run thought about running for President as a Republican in the past.

It’s fair to say that he slams the GOP for the discriminatory tactics that they have unleashed throughout this campaign.

My favourite quote (on the OMG Obama is a MUSLIM!!! style statements from GOP members and supporters),

The correct answer is that he is not a Muslim, he is a Christian. He has always been a Christian. But the really right answer is, what if he is?

I’d strongly suggest watching the whole statement:

Who is going to watch the presidential debate tonight?

I wonder if it will a bit of a slugfest given all the mud thrown around in the last few days or is it going to be one of those awkwardly polite affairs?

Why can’t it be November already? I get the feeling that the next month is just going to be chaotic get to the finish line politics. It will be really horrible to watch yet absolutely riveting at the same time…

Oh, and I hope everyone has started organizing their election-night parties!